Total Control, Total Compliance

Incidents & Assets

Save time and money using iPassport’s dedicated incident reporting feature on any computer, tablet or smartphone! Record incidents both within iPassport and from a dedicated external web portal. Once the incident details are recorded the follow-up investigation, notification and task management process begins. Create useful reports to retrieve incident data from iPassport. No more handwritten forms, faxing, lost folders, inefficient handling or lost data.

  • Manage all types of incidents with iPassport including accidents, near misses, dangerous conditions and other occurrences. Proactive management of all issues results in greater efficiency, quicker turn around time and a safer team!
  • Manage the entire safety incident sequence; Reporting, Response, Investigation, Follow up Actions, Tracking & Summary Report
  • Allow third parties to report incidents directly to you using a dedicated web reporting form linked to your iPassport account
  • Report any incident type during all phases of the specimens journey through the lab (pre-analytic, analytic or post-analytic)
  • Ensure all relevant data is available in one centralized repository and easily accessible for reporting.
  • Record Root Causes
  • Comprehensive follow up action management
  • Analyze and trend cause analysis data to implement preventive measures and reduce risk
  • Link to CAPA tasks
  • Comply with Injury Reporting Regulations
  • iPassport’s Incident Reporting feature assists with compliance with OSHA, RIDDOR and WCB reporting requirements.

Assets Management with Inventory Control

Equipment Management

  • Store equipment metadata including costs, lifespan, serial numbers, locations etc.
  • Preventative maintenance management for equipment with automatic event reminders
  • Upload evidence of equipment maintenance associated with each event
  • Record equipment breakdown and out-of-service events

Reagent & Consumable Inventory Control

  • Monitor the use of regents and consumables
  • Check new stock in/ check stock out
  • iPassport provides low limit and stock expiration warnings when user-defined thresholds are reached

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