Total Control, Total Compliance

Document Control

iPassport provides all of the tools you need for structured and comprehensive document control. Ensuring staff have access to the most up-to-date relevant authorized documents.

Our clean and intuitive interface makes it easy for even occasional users to find the right document and acknowledge that it’s been read and understood.

  • Import documents into iPassport in just a few clicks
  • iPassport’s smart search features allow users to find and retrieve documents easily
  • In-browser document viewing for easy access, staff acknowledgement and review
  • Manage document status with intuitive workflows to take documents from “draft” to “authorized” and eventually “archived” status
  • iPassport’s linking engine can be used to associate records held within the system. All links are updated in real time upon document update
  • Streamlined document approval and authorization with associated electronic signatures
  • Staff are automatically notified when a new version of a document becomes available and can be prompted to acknowledge document contents regularly to remain fully compliant
  • Customizable document watermarks including automatically populated document control information
  • iPassport controlled printing feature allows you to maintain as many controlled paper copies as required
  • An automatically assigned electronic print tracking number is associated with each controlled print
  • Register each controlled paper copy to a specific physical location for tracking purposes
  • Notifications prompt users to destroy old printed versions when a new version is made available
  • Flexible document review options to ensure relevant staff can suggest document content changes
  • iPassport automatically captures and records every major event throughout the document lifecycle, e.g. review events, document content change requests, change approval etc.
  • Each history event is date, time & signature stamped
  • Controlled document content updates with associated version increments
  • Task notifications are issued by email for convenience
  • Quickly generate reports showing documents with forthcoming review dates
  • Flexible document control report generation
  • Fully controllable staff access permissions

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